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La semaine du Golfe - Morbihan



GIGS - Flotilla 1

Appeared in the 18th century, rowboats, skiffs and other gigs, as efficient under sails as rowing, were originally service boats for ships at anchor, or were used for piloting, rescue or fishing. These boats, in full revival for twenty years, thanks to replicas and new models, allow the maritime apprenticeship of young crews. This fleet includes all types of gigs, whaling boats and "pure" rowing boats (Cornwall and the Scilly Iles)

SAIL & OAR - Flotilla 2

Voile aviron dans le Golfe

To answer to a new kind of "pleasure sailing" a flotilla of small boats "sail and oar" appeared for fifteen years on our shores: "family-boats", quickly rigged, easy to launch, these boats allow relaxed navigation and the discovery of unfrequented places. Being inspired by American and European doris, by Norwegian faerings, by boats of the Shetland or by Breton misainiers, the architects have created new types, all easily transportable: Dinghies and sail &oar designs for amateur builders, doris, clinker-built canoës, and all flat bottomed small sailing boats less than 5m


OPEN-BOATS - Flotilla 3

Photo Pascale Guittoneau

Designed directly by architects or shipyards still impregnated by traditional wooden boat building, this group sends back to the time when pleasure boating was still cohabiting with the lastest coastal fishing boats: It gathers: canoes, misainiers, lateen sails - Old gunter or marconi dinghies – day-boats and other small traditional sail boats of 5/6m with no deck


CAMP CRUISING - Flotilla 3bis

Photo Pascale Guittoneau

Boats of today, with light displacement, fitted with cabin, bunks and storage, adapted to nautical hiking, and offering shelter and sleeping place for at minimum 2 crewmen: Skellig, Drascombe Drifter & Coaster, Cornish Shrimper, Swallow Boat, Bayraider…


CLASSIC YACHTS over 8m - Flotilla 4

Photo Pascale Guittoneau

Here are the dream sailboats, streamlined and elegant, with their perfect finishes, bronze upper-works and gleaming varnishes. Designed for racing or cruising, some of them built one century ago, most of these yachts are perfectly maintained and continue a certain life-style, like Viola or Pesa. Gaff or marconi classic yachts, International Rules sailing boats, old monotype regatta keelboats, race cruise R.O.R.C and also Arpège and Romanée of the first generation…

LEISURE BOATS FROM THE 60's - Flotilla 5

La plaisance des années 60, photo Catherine Lozach

In the 60's, amateurs with modest revenues were able to discover the pleasure of sailing with new series of boats, more affordable, bot also seaworthy, fast, safe and habitable. Thus, it is aboard boats like Corsaire, Muscadet, or Cognac, due to the genius of architects such as Herbulot and Harlé, that a lot of today yachtmen have had their first experience of sailors: Corsaire, Muscadet, Armagnac, Cognac, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Mousquetaire, Tiburon, Fisrt 18.

WORKING BOATS - Flotilla 6

photo Berland

All the ancient fishing sailboats, but also coasters, pilots or buoy tenders, restored or identically rebuilt. Along with the Sinago and Forban du Bono, emblematic of the Morbihan Gulf, we will find "Chasse-Marées", luggers, misainiers (single lug-sail), sloops, cutters and dundees… From the Baltic herring-ships to the Bristol Pilot Cutters, the traditional working sailboats from British Islands and northern countries are also represented…

SMALL CLASSIC UNDER 8M (Open boat) - Flotilla 7

All the small classic yachts, which have the ability and the wish for regatta… Guépards, Morgann, Tofinou, Billie Charlotte, Berny Cat, Cormorans, Ailes as well as the classic keel-boats like Flying Dutchman, Loups, Snipe, Caneton and 505… and also the classic European series like Schouw, Vrijheid, Valk in The Nethelands, Water Wags in Ireland or Loch Long One Design in Scotland

SMALL CLASSIC UNDER 8M (Deck Boat) - Flotilla 7bis

All those which don't want to race and prefer to sail freely: Belougas, Loctudy, Folkboats, DC20, Micro-Challenger, etc…


"Classic yachting ", doesn’t only mean "Sails"! There is also a beautiful motorized flotilla which associates the elegance of hulls and the mechanical ingenuity! We think of the gleaming "racing machines" of The Riviera or Lake Como at the time of "Dolce Vita" as well as the stylish day launches of the Thames or the Seine in the era of dance halls: old launches, Rivas, steam yachts, cabin-cruisers, runabouts, Chris-Craft and other ancient speedboats…

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