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La semaine du Golfe - Morbihan
Natural heritage
Natural heritage

The Gulf of Morbihan, an exceptional natural heritage

The "little sea" offers an exceptional sailing environment for participants and visitors of the "Semaine du Golfe". The beauty of its landscapes is a reflection of a rich and preserved natural heritage, which justifies its classification in "Regional Natural Park" and the implementation of various protection tools.

« The Gulf of Morbihan, territory of sustainable development »

A regional natural park is an inhabited territory, recognized nationwide for its strong heritage and landscape value, organized around a concerted project of sustainable development. It is classified by decree of the Prime Minister for a period of 15 years.

The Regional Natural Park of the Gulf of Morbihan was created by decree on October 4, 2014 becoming the 2nd Regional Natural Park in Brittany and the 50th in France. The Gulf of Morbihan RNP responds to the need to preserve and enhance the exceptional and fragile natural and cultural heritage of the Gulf of Morbihan. It is in this perspective that the local authorities (33 municipalities, 4 communities of municipalities and agglomeration, the Department of Morbihan and the Brittany Region) have approved the first charter of the Regional Natural Park which traces the project of territory until 2027.

The Charter is organized in 3 axes. They represent the great foundations of the park from the conservation and management of heritage to the organization of the territory, in a logic of sustainable development.

  1. Make heritage, an asset for the territory
  2. Ensure for the territory a sustainable development
  3. Putting people at the heart of the territorial project

Thus, the action of the Regional Natural Park of the Gulf of Morbihan is focused on various areas such as integrated management of coastal areas and watersheds, monitoring of biodiversity and landscapes, adaptation to climate change, recovery intangible cultural heritage ...

Gulf of Morbihan, « Natura 2000 » area

The Gulf of Morbihan is part of Natura 2000,  an european network aiming at protecting wild birds reproduction areas and the preservation of species habitats such as dunes, moors & sea meadows.

The European network "Natura 2000" consists of a set of terrestrial or marine natural or semi-natural sites within the European Union. The main purpose of this network is to conserve habitats and species of community interest, while taking into account economic, social, cultural and regional requirements.

Sites Natura 2000 Golfe du Morbihan

Good practices to limit its impact :

  • Choose areas without seagrass to anchor (these areas are clearer views of the boat)
  • Use a rope (rope attached to a surface buoy and hooked to the anchor head) to raise the anchor without plowing the funds.
PNR Golfe du Morbihan - bons usages en mer

A waste recycling plan is also put in place with the support of local Districts, together with an awareness programme to encourage visitors & participants to think before they throw!

Meeting these priorities, « la Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan » sailing & festive programs are designed with the respect of the local environment in mind and in cunjunction with State environmental preservation operators.

"CAP SUR LA PETITE MER", Good pratice guide

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