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La semaine du Golfe - Morbihan
120 years - Brittany Marin Almanac
120 years - Brittany Marin Almanac

"L'Oeuvre du Marin Breton", charity dedicated to Breton sailors & their family, turns 120 years old

Jacques de Thézac (1862-1936), pioneer in seafarers photography, took a major role in improving their living conditions through the creation of the « Abris du marin » (Sailors’ Shelters).
In 1899, he created the « Almanach du Marin Breton » to provide education & entertainment to sailors & founded the « Œuvre du Marin breton » in 1908. Twelve shelters were built up to 1914, mostly in the Departement of Finistère, & one in Morbihan on the island of Belle Ile.
His social work for sailors was developped with the help of many contributors with great discretion. At that time « you can do good, you don’t need to talk about it ». To that date, the « Oeuvre du Marin Breton » is holding its course, helping sailors & their families.


The very first edition of this professional and educational publication is full of nautical informations, safety tips, anecdotes to help sailors of the time with the performance of their hard job. In order to entertain them, but also to warn them against the danger of alcoholism or the ravages of tuberculosis, Jacques de Thézac grasped all straws : songs, stories, humourous cartoons mix with regulatory texts. A real journey in maritime history !




Fonds Jacques de Thézac/Abris du Marin. Collection Musée départemental breton, Quimper

A year after the Almanach du Marin Breton’s first issue, Jacques de Thézac, anxious to help fishermen and fight against alcoholism, creates the Œuvre des Abris du Marin (charity for sailors’ home). His goal was to offer seamen in call an alternative to the many pubs flourishing on the coast. Same as the Almanach, Thezac made sure that these shelters become essential places for the fishermen alike Sailors homes accross the channel. They were used as shelters, conference,  school or development room, games room & gym, dispensary, library, repair & maintenance facility …


EXHIBITION "Marins d’orgueil" (Sailors of Pride)

Fonds Jacques de Thézac/Abris du Marin. Collection Musée départemental breton, Quimper

The exhibition shows the daily activity in Breton harbours in the early XXth : crews departing at or returning from sea return, boat hulls grounded on the beach, women mending nets or working in canning factories, children practicing with the scull … And, of course, seamen carefully listening to virtuous conferences about hygienic life style or attending an introduction to radio broadcasting, first aid, shipbuilding … In short, from the harbours where they work to the shelters where they learn, the whole life of these sailors is given for us to see on a moving & bright way.
The exhibit will also show the movie  "Hommes de Misaine" by Jean Paul Mathelier.

Gens de mer en Bretagne au début du XXème siècle
Au Kiosque culturel, Esplanade du Port de Vannes

Fonds photographique Jacques de Thézac en partenariat du Musée Départemental Breton

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