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La semaine du Golfe - Morbihan

Expo "Rouges et Carrées"


Expo "Rouges et Carrées"

From Wednesday 10 to Friday 26 May 2023


The association "Un Sinago pour Séné" has surrounded itself with two exhibition specialists, a woman and a man, in the image of Jean et Jeanne: Juliette Lagny and François Jeune to guarantee a high artistic quality. Part of the sale of the works will be devoted to the purchase of a new set of red and square sails for the Sinago de Séné: Jean et Jeanne.

An exhibition that offers a different take on maritime heritage and "matrimoine", through the work of contemporary artists who offer unexpected visions of these red and square sails on the Gulf of Morbihan... In relation to the history of this community of fishermen from Séné, where women played an important maritime role, parity will be the rule in the choice of artists.

Grain de sel Cultural Centre (Séné)
Indoor and free

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Semaine du Golfe 2025 - PIBS, 10 rue Henri Becquerel, Bâtiment IRUS - 56000 VANNES - FRANCE
contact@semainedugolfe.com - Tél : +33(0)2 21 02 56 20

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