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La semaine du Golfe - Morbihan
Rendez-vous en 2023
Pré-inscrits 2021
Pré-inscrits 2021
      • Onward of Ito

      • Onward of Ito
      • Believed to be the last of the original Itchen ferry fishing boats. Launched in 1923 for Alfred Parker of the renowned Parker sailing and fishing family of Itchen Ferry village Southampton. She featured in Classic Boat Mag cover article in June 1993, and appears in the Old Gaffers Bible "Hand Reef and Steer by Tom Cunliffe. She's pitch pine on oak, 5.5 Tons with 2 tons of lead, bronze bolted to her keel. The 12ft (3.7 m) bowsprit adds lots of extra sail possibilities. Completely restored in 1999/2001, well known in the Solent , IOW, the UK West Country, the Channel Islands and the Normandy coast. A beautiful sailing boat, regular maintenance makes her one of the finest Old Gaffers around today
      • Descriptif
      • Port d'attache
      • Greenwich On Thames river London
      • Matériau
      • Wood, pitch pine on Oak
      • Flotille
      • Flottille n°6
      • Gréément
      • Côtre aurique
      • Classe
      • Itchen Ferry (Hoye)Built as a Fishing Boat.
      • Chantier
      • Built at The Dispatch Motor and lifeboat C0, Southampton
      • Année de construction
      • 1923
      • Longueur Hors tout
      • 11.3 m
      • Longueur
      • 7.5 m
      • Largeur
      • 2.7 m
      • Tirant d'eau
      • 1.2 m
      • Béquille
      • non
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Semaine du Golfe 2023 - PIBS, Allée Nicolas Leblanc - BP 2023 - 56009 VANNES Cedex
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