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La semaine du Golfe - Morbihan
See you in 2023
      • On the road to the 11th edition !

      • Remember the dates, May 10-16, 2021!
      • On the road to the 11th edition !
      • On the road to the 11th edition !
      • On the road to the 11th edition !
      • On the road to the 11th edition !
      • For over a month, team of Semaine du Golfe has been complete and on deck!

        The Supervisory Board of the Semaine du Golfe association met to approve the accounts for the 2019 financial year and validate the draft budget for the 11th edition.
        All the partners are embarking on this new adventure to celebrate together the 20 years of our essential maritime festival.
        The members of the management board, all volunteers, focus on cultural and maritime programs.
        The municipal councils of the 17 member municipalities have already appointed their SEA, LAND and ENVIRONMENT coordinators.
        The team of Semaine du Golfe met them all to meet the new elected officials, and to be in close contact to organize the various festivities.
        The captains of the flotilla polish the maritime program so that each flotilla navigates the meanders of the Gulf of Morbihan in a fun and safe way.

        3,500 volunteers will therefore be ready to welcome the 1,000 participating boats in the next 2021 edition.

        Get ready, the maritime program will be unveiled soon !! 

      • Published on 19/10/2020
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