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La semaine du Golfe - Morbihan
See you in 2023
      • Final decision...

      • The 11th edition of “Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan” was to be held from May 10 to 16, 2021 and celebrate its 20th anniversary ...

        Unfortunately, because of the current health situation, the Prefect of Morbihan has judged that it is not possible to organize the next “Semaine du Golfe” this year.
        Naturally, the Direction Board of our Association takes note of the State's decision and complies with it.

      • Final decision...
      • We couldn't invite hundreds of sailors to the ports in all conviviality without being sure that the restaurants and refreshment stands would be open; we couldn't welcome our friends from foreign delegations while imposing on them quarantine upon their arrival ; we could not either share the show of the nautical parades with thousands of visitors on the shores of the Morbihan Gulf 

        Meantime, we all have an heartful thought:

        • For the professional and associative charterers of the heritage ships who were relying on our event to start their season and relaunch their activity
        • For all the participants who were sprucing up their boat before joining the chums of their flotilla and who had massively expressed the desire to take part to this 11th edition

        • For the touristic professionals who were eager to valorize their territory

        • For the Communes and all the volunteers of their associative network who had pondered and worked on alternative solutions in order to maintain high range entertainments on land

        • For our faithful partners who support us

        • And for the whole public who was dreaming of liberty by attending this beautiful festival

         Let's keep hope in the future and let's meet again in 2023, for a new “Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan”, which, once again, will honor the maritime heritage and the Gulf of Morbihan. 

      • Published on 10/03/2021
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