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La semaine du Golfe - Morbihan
Inscrits 2023
Inscrits 2023
      • Knutt

      • Knutt
      • Knutt is a 12.5 feet, gunter rigged, sloop created by the dutch teacher Bart Linnartz for the sake of building a simple but sea going boat in his manual training classes. The hull has a length of about 4.25 and a width of 1.65 metres. The empty weight of the construction is 250 kg, causing a draught of about 0.25 metres. Knutt itself weighs round about 350 kg, as some installations were made to increase seaworthiness and safety on the water. The boat is constructed such that it can be sailed, driven by a motor, rowed and even sculled by one person. It provides sufficient room for up to four people when day sailing. Overnight trips can be performed with up to two people. In this case, a boom tent is erected over the hull. A roll slatted frame serves as the bed platform. A small kitchen box on the port side contains a fuel cooker, pots, dishes and cutlery for two persons. On the starboard side, a navigation box contains all required material for safe navigation and communication plus a short wave radio in order to obtain meteorological information for seafarers.

        The boat is transported with a trailer and can be put into water nearly everywhere by using one of those slipways.
      • Descriptif
      • Port d'attache
      • Eberbach
      • Matériau
      • contreplaqué marine
      • Flottille
      • Flottille n°2
      • Gréément
      • Sloup houari
      • Classe
      • Lobster 12.5
      • Chantier
      • Moenchengladbach, Allemagne
      • Année de construction
      • 2011
      • Longueur Hors tout
      • 4.5 m
      • Longueur
      • 4.2 m
      • Largeur
      • 1.7 m
      • Tirant d'eau
      • 0.5 m
      • Béquille
      • non
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Semaine du Golfe 2023 - PIBS, Bâtiment IRUS - 10 rue Henri Becquerel - 56000 VANNES
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