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La semaine du Golfe - Morbihan
May 10 to May 16, 2021
      • Pre-registrations are open !

      • The "Morbihan Gulf's week", 11th edition from Monday 10 to Sunday 16 May 2021!An international maritime event, a cultural and popular festival, in the magical setting of the "Little Sea" (Mor Bihan in Breton)
      • Pre-registrations are open !
      • Pre-registrations are open !
      • Pre-registrations are open !
      • Once again, all the crews of traditional and classic pleasure boats, from the smallest sailing-rowing to the deep-sea three-masted ships, will enjoy seeing again the ports, the moorings and the landscapes of the Gulf.

        Obviously, we have in mind the terrible Covid 19 epidemic which led to the cancellation and postponement of all the maritime events of 2020 (we have a brotherly thought towards all of them, the small ones like the big ones, with a particular emotion for the mates of Sète, of Pasaia and of Calais, the three festivals in which we should have taken part).

        We are now waiting for the navigation authorizations to be gradually granted. In this regard, allow us to relay this advice from the FFPP (French Federation of Pleasure Ports): "Before accessing the port and especially to put out to sea, find out about the locally applicable regulations and inquire with the harbor master's office".

        Thank you therefore for pre-registering in numbers and expressing this way your interest in the event that you have been accompanying, for most of you, for many editions.

        Know that your answers will allow us to gauge the SDG to come and to best prepare your receptions and your navigation programs.

        As usual, from the start of September, the whole team will be on deck!
        Hoping, of course, that the "bad days" are behind us.
        Wishing you a great summer and great trips to the sea!

        The whole SDG team

      • Published on 25/05/2020
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Crédit Agricole du Morbihan
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Ville de Vannes

Semaine du Golfe 2021 - PIBS, Allée Nicolas Leblanc - BP 2021 - 56009 VANNES Cedex - FRANCE
contact@semainedugolfe.com - Tél : +33 (0)2 97 62 20 09 (from september 2020)

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