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La semaine du golfe mor bihan du 27 mai au 2 juin 2019 Breton Version française Facebook
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      • All Aboard

      • All Aboard
          • Port d'attache
          • BRISTOL
          • Materiau
          • GRP
          • Flottille
          • Flottille n°3 bis
          • Greement bateau
          • Yawl, Ketch marconi
          • Classe bateau
          • DEVON DAY BOAT
          • Architecte
          • M Quick
          • Chantier
          • John Lack
          • Année de construction
          • 1979
          • Length
          • 4.88 m
          • Largeur
          • 1.88 m
          • Tirant eau
          • 1.37
          • Tirant air
          • 6
          • Béquille
          • non
      • Devon Day Boat
        The first Devon Yawl, from which the Devon Day Boat derives, was launched on 1968.
        The idea for the boat stemmed from the growing popularity of G.R.P. and the increasing costs of building and maintaining the all-wood Salcombe Yawl.
        The class evolved over some 200 years from the inshore fishing boats of the South Devon coast, which in turn were refined into the Salcombe Yawl for racing and picnicking.
        The first Devon Yawls had red sails and the Day Boat version has a small cuddy for protection with hull colour, light blue.
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Semaine du Golfe 2017 - PIBS, Allée Nicolas Leblanc - BP 2017 - 56009 VANNES Cedex
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