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La semaine du golfe mor bihan du 27 mai au 2 juin 2019 Breton Version française Facebook
      • 25/06/2016
      • Village of the European maritime heritages

          • The idea is to invite different "associations" to come and present meaningful elements of their local maritime heritage, as well as their own activities, in a common large area at the heart of the Vannes Harbour. This gathering of delegations, whose backgrounds, experiences and projects are pretty diverse but who are all sharing the same values and the same search of quality, should form a convivial and amazing "patchwork", a place of meeting and exchange for the participants and an extremely attractive space for the visitors…

            Our first thought is of course for our friends who have organized the "villages" of our previous "guests of honour" (the French Mediterranean east coast, Wales, Basque Country, the Netherlands, Croatia) but our invitation is extending to others associations, that we know pretty well and that we trust for being good ambassadors of their particular maritime culture… like the Italians from Venezia and Cesenatico, the Irish who revive the curraghs from the Mayo County or the Waterwags, the organizers of "Escal à Sète"...

          • Village of the European maritime heritages
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      • 03/02/2017
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Semaine du Golfe 2017 - PIBS, Allée Nicolas Leblanc - BP 2017 - 56009 VANNES Cedex
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