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La semaine du golfe mor bihan du 27 mai au 2 juin 2019 Breton Version française Facebook
      • 28/02/2017
      • The "Semaine du Golfe" team at Albaola's in Pasaia

          • We were a real "group of youngsters" (Polig, Jakez, Erwan, Valence, Anne Mo, Anne B et Daniel) to visit the amazing "Faktoria" that Xabi Agote has founded in the superb harbour setting of the Pasaia river: at the same time an impressive maritime museum about the Basque whaling tradition, a naval carpenter apprentice shop where trainees from the whole world are learning the job, and a fabulous shipyard where they are building the authentic replica of 16th century whale ship "San Juan"... An utmost exciting visit, a lunch (Morbihan oysters and local omelettes) shared in the "canteen" with the Albaola team, and then a working meeting in order to finalize the presence of the Basque delegation in the "Village of European Heritages" on the Vannes harbour.

            Thanks to Xabi, Miguel, Erme, Enara and the others for this perfect day... We are very eager to welcome you in the "Semaine du Golfe" !

          • The "Semaine du Golfe" team at Albaola's in Pasaia
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