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La semaine du golfe mor bihan du 27 mai au 2 juin 2019 Breton Version française Facebook
      • 09/05/2017
      • Show "Songs of the Seven Seas"

          • Thanks to the complicity of Etienne Chouzier, we propose an original musical evening on Wedneday the 24th with, as firts part, a nice sample of the different musics associated with the "Village of the European Maritime Heritages" before the big concert "Essentiel" by the Vannes Bagad... a joyful patchwork, may be a little bit "jumbled" but, for sure, a great moment of sharing and fun!


            8 – 8.30 PM: General presentation and concert "Bagadigdig" (Britton music by children)                                                   

            8.30 – 9 PM: Group Chiviraseta (delegation Sète/Occitany) Oboes, accordion, vocals – Occitan traditional repertory and popular music                                                    

            9 – 9.30 PM: Rainer Sijpkens (Dutch delegation) Musical, poetic and ludic entertainment in interaction with the public

            9.30 – 10 PM: Duo "Valla & Scurati" (Italian delegation) Accordion and "piffero" - Traditional music from Genova and other Italian regions

            10 – 10.30 PM: Irish session : group from the Conservatory + solo of Oisin Mac Conamhna Vocal and guitar – "Rosc Catha na Mumhan", Cork traditional song of 18ème century

            10.30 – 11 PM (Break in front of the terrace of the "Comité des fêtes"): Group Albaola Taldea (Basque delegation)   Street band: accordion, guitar and Basque drums

            11 PM - 0.30: Concert "Essentiel" by the Vannes Bagad                                                                                                             

          • Show "Songs of the Seven Seas"
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