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La semaine du golfe mor bihan du 27 mai au 2 juin 2019 Breton Version française Facebook
      • 01/05/2018
      • From the North Cape to the Grand Canal

          • In 2019, for the 10th edition, the “Semaine du Golfe” welcomes the delegations of Norway and Venetia, both unprecedented in the Mor- bihan events.

            “From the North Cape to the Grand Canal”, the Morbihan Gulf (almost equidistant) will be the crossing and meeting place of those two maritime cultures, very contrasted but both as rich, mythical and attractive.
            On one hand the Norwegian Sea and the confines of Arctic and Polar Circle, the epic Viking Age and the great tradition of the Scandinavian clinker boats (which is candidate to be inscribed as “intangible cultural heritage of humanity” by UNESCO)... On the other hand the Venice Laguna and the whole Adriatic coast from Trieste to Cesenatico, the famous history of the Most Serene Republic, from the formidable galleys to the gondolas and other romantic rowboats...

            In both cases, it is a powerful, dynamic and federative association who will conceive, set up and animate the project: Forbundet KYSTEN in Oslo and Associazione ARZANA in Venice.

          • From the North Cape to the Grand Canal
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