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La semaine du golfe mor bihan 8ème édition du 11 au 17 mai 2015 Version française Facebook

7th edition in 2013, book your week from May 6th to May 12th
A wonderful week of sailing for all the crews!


The «Ascension Holidays» in France for 2013 are from the evening of Tuesday 7th of May to Sunday 12th. So, the French will have a full week to enjoy the festival. The dates might not be as convenient for sailors and visitors from other countries but we know that, if they love the sea, the boats and the atmosphere of the Morbihan Gulf, they will come!
The nautical and festive programmes will be based on previous years, but of course with the necessary adjustments allowing the festival to evolve, to update and to renew itself. Therefore we will be very attentive to the flotillas’ schedules, to the selection of the participating boats and to the safety at sea.

As always, the respect of the natural environment of the Gulf, its fauna and its flora, will be our major concern. Finally, remains the essential beauty of the Gulf, the relentless pace of its alternating tidal currents and the pleasure of sailing when the crews are returning to their harbour of the day.

Please come and join us !

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