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La semaine du golfe mor bihan du 27 mai au 2 juin 2019 Breton Version française Facebook


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      • With its long south-facing coast punctuated with intimate beaches and beautiful residences, Arradon is the riviera of the Morbihan.
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      • Just a few minutes boat ride from Port Blanc, Les Moines Island is the pearl of the Morbihan (and the largest of its islands) and boasts a rich maritime past
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      • Arz Island is 3 km from tip to tip and home to a beautifully diverse coastal landscape.
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      • Larmor Baden is often named "the key of the Gulf" for the exceptional qualities of its waters.
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      • The little port of Le Bono lies on the banks of the river which bears its name.
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      • Le Hézo is a typically charming village on the shores of the Morbihan.
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      • Founded on the transport of wine from the Rhuys Peninsula, Le Logeo is today a dynamic oyster-farming harbour in the district of Sarzeau.
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      • Locmariaquer is ideally situated between the mouth of the river Auray and Quiberon Bay and has always been an active oyster-farming community.
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      • Le Traon is a tributary of the river Bono and remains to this day a charming natural site.
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      • Just across the water from Conleau, Port Anna is a pretty little harbour and well worth the detour.
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      • The waters between Port Blanc and Les Moines Island are renowned for being an exciting part of the Morbihan
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      • The modern deep-water port of Le Crouesty, the largest marina in the Morbihan with 1,400 berths, is the ideal base for sailing in Quiberon Bay.
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      • The natural harbour of Port Navalo owes its prosperity to its privileged position at the entrance to the Morbihan.
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      • This charming district of the Rhuys Peninsula is surrounded by ancient salterns and home to a flourishing oyster and fish-farming industry.
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      • Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys, with its abbey and its abbey church, is beaming between the "Mor-Bihan" Gulf (small sea in Breton) and the ocean "Mor-Braz" (big sea in Breton) and the city attracts visitors with its cultural life and its landscapes.
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      • The old stone bridge and the pretty half-timbered houses give an indication of the flourishing trade once seen by this little port.
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      • Capital of the Morbihan and fortified in the times of the duchy of Brittany, the city of Vannes was built in a semi-circle around its harbour.
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